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What is SEO and Why is it Important to Businesses?

You probably know that SEO is important for any business that wants more traffic and leads on the internet. The good news is that SEO can work for everyone, but it takes an understanding of what is all about and why it’s essential for every business that has long-term goals. 


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a marketing tool for any business that wants to get into digital marketing to increase online visibility and get more clients. While many people see it as a complicated process, we can break it down in some essential elements. 

These elements are the keywords, the content, off-page SEO, local SEO, and SEM. While most digital marketers have a basic knowledge of these elements, only a few can actually create a good strategy and get results. 

Choosing the right keywords and creating quality content is crucial for the success of most projects, while of-page SEO is mostly about backlinks and building authority.


Why Is SEO Important? 

Most businesses want to get started with SEO or find ways to get better results because they want to increase the visibility that will result in more leads and sales. They can achieve that by improving their rankings and getting more traffic from search engines. 

As you can see, by improving your SEO performance, you improve your website and increase the chances of your business get more leads and sales at the same time. 


What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the optimization of a website of a local business for it to rank high for its local audience. A website is open to the world, but a local SEO helps the local businesses to obtain more traffic from people in its local region. Businesses in Dubai, such as restaurants, laundry and cleaning services, auto repair, gym, event planning, among others, have the locals as their clients. The service of an affordable
SEO company is needed to help them optimise their website. They need to be optimised for Dubai and their contact details.


Why should a small business in Dubai use local SEO?

We are in a digital age. The use of smartphones has skyrocketed. Businesses are online now, and people access the web in search of them.

Local SEO makes a business’s website to top the list when people search the web for local businesses to make use of their service. An SEO company for small businesses helps you to rank your website high, and this gives your business more visibility.  

For example, if a lady in Dubai needs to go for lunch and make a search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo for a restaurant, your restaurant’s website will appear on the first page, and she will most likely go for your restaurant.

Google Business Listing


Benefits Of SEO To Business

1.SEO Increases Traffic 

Organic traffic can become the primary source of traffic for any digital business and the first of your buyer funnel. If you want more leads and sales, improving your rankings can be a great long-term investment.

The top five listings on search engines get 75% of the clicks, and the first position gets 33% of the clicks on average. You need a strategy that will help you to climb in these positions.


2.SEO Is A Long-Term Investment 

Do you want to survive in the online world for a few months or years? 

SEO is a long-term strategy and the best investment you can do today for your business. It will not work in one week, but if you take the time to build an authority website that publishes content regularly, it will be tough for your competitors to outrank you. 

There are many ways to use SEO with the focus on the long term. If you build trust with search engines, you will be able to get good rankings for evergreen keywords and for new topics in your niche too. With the right SEO strategy, time works for you.


3.Creating  A Better User Experience

When you make changes to improve your rankings, they will create a better user experience. Many of the ranking factors of Google and other search engines help users to find the best possible results.

For example, if you improve your content and the loading time of your website, it will become more interesting for the users and not only for search engines. Good user experience can help you to increase conversions because it’s easier for your visitors to use your website and find what they want.

4.Use SEO To Build Your Brand 

People use Google because they trust it. They expect to get the best results from their searches. If your website is on the first page of Google, people will start building trust with your brand as well. 

Getting good rankings is proof that you provide quality content and know your industry. People will remember your business name, and the result will be more visitors, leads, and sales.


5.Get More Traffic With Local SEO 

Local SEO means that you have optimised your website to get traffic from a specific city or country. It can be beneficial for small businesses that target a particular audience. 

When people want a service or a product in their area, they naturally add their city to their search terms. They will be much more enthusiastic about businesses around them than other big companies. 

It can give a boost to your traffic, sales, and improve other parts of marketing as well. For example, if someone finds a local business in a search engine, it’s possible to check any profiles on social media and other websites. 

Final Thoughts

SEO is about getting traffic and an edge over your competition. Many of your competitors struggle when it comes to SEO, and you can outrank them if you do it right. However, you don’t have to do everything by yourself and try to figure out everything by trial and error. Finding the right people for this task can save you time, money, and frustration.

We are confident that we can help you with any SEO project. BizRamp includes services that can find and fix any problems that may hurt your rankings. We can analyse your website, your competitors, and figure out the best strategy for you with the focus on long-term results and the best possible return of investment.

SEO is the best investment for any business today, so let us know if you need out help. 


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