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Website Inclusions

Having a company website is just the beginning..

Having a company website is just the beginning..

BizRamp provides businesses not only with great websites but with a strategically planned and fully interconnected digital base that's proven to grow businesses and generate leads effectively for the long term. We provide our clients with a clear roadmap that is tested and proven for businesses, combined with their business goals and our technical, designing and marketing expertise and industry experience.


Website Development & Design

We produce websites that are developed with technical, creativity, and marketing expertise. We help you kickstart your business and boost your company's growth for the long term.

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Here are a few deliverables you should expect in BizRamp's website development services:

We make sure your brand identity is accurately conveyed throughout your website with creative brand elements, animation effects, banner designs, and other creatively placed elements. All our designs are fully responsive to mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes, giving your users an optimal experience and ranking you higher on Google.

We provide solutions to to support your business goals and customer needs. All websites have contact forms, chat boxes, scenario-based popups, and other functionalities such as social media feed of cost calculators to support your business’s goals and customer’s needs.

Ecommerce development with optimal product purchase cycle, Payment Gateways, Orders and inventory management, and scalable infrastructure. We offer unique solutions for e-commerce development to cover all the aspects of the Product purchase cycle from product selection until checkout and order confirmation. We give you full control and interface to manage your customers, orders, and inventory via an easy to use interface. The e-commerce websites that the BizRamp team develops are fully scalable and equipped with state-of-the-art cloud-based infrastructure and payment gateways, supporting your business operations ranging from marketing, finance, inventory, and customer service.

Slow websites not only give a bad customer experience but also affects your Google Search Engine ranking. BizRamp’s developed websites have backend functionalities that support optimal website performance as per Google Standards, loading speed of fewer than 3 seconds, optimal page size, and page requests.

We provide security to block all spam and malware and potential hacking attacks. Less secured websites loose your website’s credibility, openly expose to spam and malware, and affect your website performance long term. In the worst case, your website can be hacked, affecting your running business. BizRamp team has all the technologies to constantly monitor your website users and block all the unwanted users’ access to your website. We also backup your site every 6 hours, which makes you restore your site to the original state right away in case of any potential attack.

BizRamp’s cloud-based backend infrastructure is fully equipped with all the latest technologies making sure your site is up-to-date with the latest technology trends such as Cloud-based infrastructure, Nginx, PHP7. Kubernetes, CDN cache, HTTP SSL security, etc. Our servers also guarantee 99.99% availability to make sure your website doesn’t go down.

We provide websites that are SEO friendly supporting your rank on Google Search. Just because your website looks great would not mean that it supports your marketing and can reach your potential customers via Google’s Search. BizRamp team, supported by the backend marketing infrastructure and best practices, makes sure your website has the right backend capabilities that support your SEO campaigns.

Constant maintenance of the website to have optimal backend and frontend website functionalities and user experience.

No matter how well the website is developed, it will eventually lose all the developed benefits it has achieved if it’s not well maintained. Our team monitors the overall infrastructure constantly and update them when required to have optimal backend and frontend website functionalities and user experience.


Content Generation

Effective content developed with the right research and supports your business model will boost your company and is crucial for your online business foundation in the long term.

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Here are a few deliverables you should expect in BizRamp's services:

Each business has its own customer personas and market niche. Content with phrases that are not related to your core business model may position you in Google Search, which is either saturated or not related to your business. On the backend, we make sure that your website has all the infrastructure which you can leverage to align your website to the right content relevant to your business model.

Leverage the tools and resources we have; we research the most commonly searched topics on Google and suggest topics and sections that provide value to your potential customers visiting your website.

If your website content is plagiarized or has grammar errors, it will hinder your website from being visible on Google Search Engine. The content that BizRamp generates is 100% non-plagiarized and fully grammatically checked in terms of correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery humanly, as well as via several tools we have invested in.



Now that you have an optimal website and content your business needs, it's time to start working on leveraging them to generate leads via strategically developed digital marketing campaigns.

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Here are a few deliverables you should expect in BizRamp's services:

Unlike other digital marketing companies, we greatly emphasize proper strategic data-driven planning before investing your hard-earned money into marketing campaigns. We leverage several planning tools, industry data, and team with business and technical experts to layout a highly targetted audience, data activation, and digital marketing plan, helping you reach and convert your potential clients to your customers.

Google being the industry-leading search engine having around 6 billion searches every day, is the most effective way of making your business visible to your potential customers. Our Data-Driven unique approach adopts a highly strategic and targetted approach to help you rank on the first page of Google and appear on your website on Google Listing when the user searches for terms related to your business. We use algorithmic models to rank each of the potential searches against your target customers and run a full-fledged campaign to optimize your website to rank your website on most industry-related keywords.

With paid ads on Google, your business can get an opportunity to be on the first page of Google when users search for phrases related to your business, displaying a banner where most of your potential customers visit or show them an ad while they are watching videos on youtube.

Unlike traditional ads, Google is ads are much more than just placing an ad. If the campaigns are run without a strategic data-driven approach, you may lose tons of money. 

BizRamp team’s certified data and marketing experts ensure your campaigns are run optimally across the marketing funnel, targetting the right customers and the right time and place, achieving the campaigns’ highest possible ROI.

You can reach highly engaging customers on Facebook and Instagram by placing an ad on their stories or news feed by placing your ad on their platforms.

Unlike traditional ads, these ads need intense and holistic audience research, technical setup on the website and the website, data-driven techniques, and experience to have a positive ROI and successful, profitable campaigns. Our Facebook certified staff helps you to achieve it.

Every day, 99% of the consumers check their email at least once a day, making email marketing a very effective way to retain your existing customers, convert them into regular purchasers, and send emails to your potential customers.

Our interconnected approach makes it possible to integrate email marketing automation into your business. BizRamp experts create personalized interactive email content related to your business updates, promotions, and services to reach the right people at the right time and to improve your sales.

With more than 700 million users as of 2021, Linkedin is considered one of the most effective channels to reach decision-makers and senior-level influencers, especially those in the business-to-business (B2B) sector who you can reach directly or via Linkedin As

Based on your business goals and potential customer’s persona, the BizRamp team can help you define ideal audiences based on their job title, company, industry, degree, professional interests, and more. Once a well-defined audience is set to be executed, we can help you with our internal automated tools to introduce your services.

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