Data-Driven Marketing

The Smarter Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing x Data x Business

Our team covers the extremes of data, business and marketing. Our uniquely connected skills enable us to understand business challenges, and we use our technical expertise to find realistic solutions to address them helping you approach your customers in every step of the consumer funnel and reach them at the right person at the right time and place.

We help you make powerful and effective decisions that increase your ROI and performance by providing you with insightful business consultation.

Google Ads Search & Display


Marketing is as much art as science. We make marketing campaigns more effective based on evidence, and these insights help us identify and use metrics that matter most.

BizRamp team helps you understand your customer's journey to have a better chance of providing helpful messages and experience at the right time. We use data insights to help achieve this at scale. We create insights to create value for customers.

Data-Driven SEO

BizRamp team uses data as a primary component when we develop SEO strategies. We help you outrank your competitors and drive targeted traffic to your most important content. We also align with your marketing team, media buy specialists, and more to help you maximise results from your online efforts.

Social Media

Facebook and IG

Whatever your objective, Facebook and Instagram are both essential advertising platforms.

Backed up with BizRamp’s Data Experts, our Social Media Specialists create a unique social media marketing strategy that is Data-Driven to target your audience. We build engagement through quality social content that’s reflective of your brand values as well as cater your customer needs.

Email Marketing

We leverage customer's data to create data-driven email marketing strategies. We take your email marketing to the next level by creating compelling emails with exactly the right message for each one. By collecting data, we send personalized emails with specific information directed to each person on your list or easily create segmented lists to target specific groups of people.

Data Analytics & Reporting

BizRamp provides data analysis and reporting tailored to the specific organization. We collect, analyze, process data to provide accurate facts and figures. BizRamp One-View Marketing Dashboard is a holistic, easy to understand marketing performance overview in near real-time, you can effectively evaluate your marketing spends, develop effective digital strategies, and make actionable data-driven decisions.

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