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Tagging and Data Governess

Data Quality is the key for accurate and actionable data. Organizations have allocated ineffective resources to manually do the tagging of the parameters used for reporting and let the reporting infrastructure run without any check and balancing on the quality of the data being analyzed.

We help you not only automate the processes of tag generation but also provide you with a system which checks each and every tag, its quality, accuracy and points out errors right away which needs to be rectified to avoid reporting errors
This easy to manage tool saves cost and resources to manage the reporting as well as avoid businesses to make wrong decision because of the errors in reporting

Financial Process Automation

We automate the manual financial processes of your organization and help you track expenses, invoices, retrieve reports and more - all in one place and access it anytime on any device.

This will help your business to have a stable financial understanding for you to make better business decisions. Not only that, the automation in financial system will reduce the ineffective manual processes and save time and cost of your financial operations.

Marketing Reporting Automation

With the marketing reporting dashboards, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing spends and analyse the overall funnel view from awareness, to consideration, to purchase intent to Purchases across your marketing channels, all in one place, to evaluate the campaign effectiveness across channels.

We help you provide wide range of dashboards as per your need to help you understand the quantitative and qualitative metrics from your marketing campaign data, giving management and marketing team a holistic and easy to understand overview of marketing and sales performance.

Employee Management System

We build a custom solution after analyzing your organization's needs and implement the solution to automate the manual and time-consuming processes such as attendance, employee tracking, projects and task allocations and others.

With our Employee Management System solution, we can help you be more efficient with your time, and reduces the time your team spends on repetitive, administrative tasks. We provide you with full set of employee management tools that your organization needs in order to manage employee information, engagement and performance, and drive more value company-wide.

Inventory Management System

To run a successful ecommerce, effective inventory management is important for your business.

We help you provide a centralized inventory system which is connected to your warehouse as well as ecommerce platform. The system lets you access your inventory with an easy to understand interface where you can update your stocks, management content of the inventory, set variations of stocks, change prices and others, all by yourself. Moreover, there are checks and balances system which lets you see all the errors such as abnormal sale price and others. Finally, wide range of inventory reports will help you visualize your stocks all in one place for you to make effective business and sales decisions.

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