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How SEO And Content Marketing Work Together To Boost Online Marketing

The ultimate purpose of SEO mixed with a content marketing strategy is to attract attention, generate interest, then ultimately create engagement and conversions for your business. In Dubai and worldwide, it is known that combining SEO for businesses and content marketing is smart and profitable for new or established brands and marketers.

SEO allows you to lose obscurity as it is all about creating brand visibility and familiarity for your audience. By creating visually compelling and engaging content of value, you will make them click and stay on your website until they believe in the purchase, then encourage their friends about the amazing experience.


Today’s Digital World

Today’s digital world is growing increasingly competitive, as we all know, and more than a billion websites are competing for the attention of today’s hungry consumers. Millions of new pieces of written, audio or video content, are generated every second in the forms of blog posts, reports, infographics, videos, and more types of media coming out all day every day. It is increasingly becoming challenging to be discovered by your potential buyers without bringing in the big guns with SEO and Content Marketing.

Customers, now more than ever, are seeking out solutions on their own time and in their preferred ways.

Customers can find brands using any number of different devices, channels, and platforms. Sixty-six per cent of customers use more than one channel during the entire purchase decision journey. So your companies presence on multiple selling and social media platforms is now more crucial than ever.


Engaging Content

Engaging content is the key to building a lasting relationship with readers and viewers. Great content and marketing should encourage readers to think deeply, and it should invoke positive emotions with powerful messages and designs. People remember experiences, not text. That’s why stories resonate with people and lead them to new beliefs which causes them to make a buying decision on their own accord instead of having some slimy salesperson push a boring and irrelevant sales pitch your way.



Content Marketing and SEO for Businesses

Much of the buyer’s journey happens online, so brands must have fresh content that is optimised, engaging, and reaching customers wherever they are. And to do this, marketers must optimise for intent.

Digital marketers now believe that SEO and Content Marketing have become the same. By combining SEO and content marketing efforts into one function, marketers can influence consumers no matter whether they are at the beginning of the buyer’s journey or elsewhere, further along when different content is required compared to whether they are in the primary discovery phase or purchase stage.

SEO is vital to content discovery, and discovery tends to start via the organic search channel. So, it’s critical to identify keywords that demonstrate commercial openings and buyer intent. With this essential data, marketers can better understand the intent of customers and create and optimise intelligent content that is more likely to convert.

It’s critical to understand what will resonate with customers and help influence them during the decision-making journey. But to create intelligent content that engages and converts, marketers need smart data. You need to know who your target audience is – their ages, demographics, locations, interests, habits, and preferences.


How to Market with Intent by Combining SEO and Content Marketing into One Function

1. Know your target audience

Defining an audience allows marketers to create content on interesting and relevant topics that will grow loyal audiences and achieve business objectives.

Brands that intimately understand the motivations, pain points and processes of their audience are best set up to deliver better and more impactful content that helps drive revenue, growth, and long-term sustainability.

Here are three keys to marketing with the intent to your audience:

  • See how people engage. 
  • Think about the customer journey. 
  • Do ongoing customer analysis.


2. Have a definite purpose

Generally, the use of content is to inform, educate, persuade, entertain, or inspire. Just as a brand needs a mission statement – a stated aspirational or inspirational purpose for existing – content also must have a purpose. Every piece of content you create should have a reason for existing. Show focus and purpose with a content strategy by incorporating the following:

  1. Consistency: A brand’s voice should mimic the way its customers speak, whether it’s conversational, edgy, or professional. This voice should be consistent across all content, regardless of who creates it or where it’s published.
  2. Goals: Set realistic and concrete goals for your content, whether it’s to drive awareness, organic search traffic and rankings, social engagement, conversions, or revenue.


3. Create & optimise content regularly 

After nailing down a target audience and a purpose, the next step is creating and optimizing content for maximum visibility. People who can’t find content, no matter how great it may be, can’t engage with that content, and the brand that created it remains in obscurity with no sales as a complete unknown. No one benefits. Not the people who need what you have to offer, and not you as the business owner in Dubai 

Every piece of content can always be improved through optimization, whether that content is for your website, social media, or email campaigns. Some tips:

  1. Choose relevant topics
  2. Use the right keywords
  3. Map content to specific personas and purchase funnels
  4. Mobile optimization


4. Combine quality & quantity

Many marketers believe consumers are overwhelmed by all the content we’re creating. After all, U.S. adults consume an astounding 10 hours and 39 minutes of media every single day. 

Currently, there is an enormous amount of content on the web, and it’s only increasing. However, most people have no desire to consume every single piece of content that exists on the internet. Instead, they want to consume intelligent or entertaining content that is relevant and helpful to them in one way or another.


5. Measure and Track Results

Content Marketers in Dubai and worldwide have access to a wealth of real-time data to gain content performance insights and track metrics to determine ROI. You need to measure and track something to improve it. Brands can learn from every content campaign, whether it failed or achieved its goals.

  • If The Content Fails: Study what works and what doesn’t. See where it falls short. Pay close attention to traffic, conversions, and revenue data by content.
  • If The Content Wins: Figure out, why? What made your best content stand out, and to whom?. Try to replicate and standardise the content style or subject matter for success with future postings.


Final Thoughts

SEO and content marketing is critical to maximise the value of content as well as allow it to be found by the right people. The right audience must be able to find the content when it needs it. And the content must drive business results instead of merely eating up the time involved in the process. 

Ensuring your content is search engine-friendly and optimised across the entire buyer’s journey is paramount to the success of your business. A combined content and SEO strategy implementation can be the difference between your business growing and succeeding or stalling and failing. 

To get started with your Content Marketing and SEO campaigns, contact BizRamp today.


How SEO And Content Marketing Work Together To Boost Online Marketing

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