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Overcoming the Three Major Pain Points of Data

Everyone knows that data provides essential insight into customers, trends, patterns, and other factors that can help a business succeed. The question is, is there such a thing as too much data? Three issues make dealing with and using data a hassle. Here’s a look at these three major issues and how to handle them.


Getting to Know Data

Data is a valuable asset to businesses because it provides important information about different trends and customer patterns. Marketers can obtain data in different ways, including:

  • CRM software
  • Web analytics
  • Media-listening tools
  • Mobile usage
  • Third-party sources


Data-driven marketing offers a plethora of useful information and presents businesses with new opportunities, but there are deficits. These deficits are challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of success. These challenges and obstacles, also referred to as pain points, are:

  • Getting quick data
  • Data in legacy systems
  • Generating data insights


Getting Quick Data

Having tons of data available doesn’t mean much if the data has no quality. In addition to having quality data, you need to know how to use the data you have. One of the primary challenges people experience with data is getting quality data fast enough. Consumers have always been impatient, but the digital world has made matters worse. Consumers are fond of instant gratification, and fast responses are something they crave. Instant gratification and fast responses are putting marketers under pressure to meet or exceed these expectations. Customer behaviours are continuously changing, which means marketers are pushing their limits to create and deliver a variety of business models quickly. Speed is an important factor for marketers, which is why many businesses provide same-day delivery services. To add to the daily stress of running a business, marketers also have to focus their attention on culture and keeping up with different trends.

Marketers who intend to target modern customers need data and speed to have a chance against the competition. As a marketer, they have to figure out how to make their entire customer life cycle digital, as well as collect data. A customer life cycle has different stages, and in these stages, a lot of varying information is created and given to the customer, which creates conflict, also known as an internal silo.

Brands want to become better and successfully evolve into a highly-functioning, recognised business. To bring this dream into reality, brands are incorporating more smart technology patterns. These smart patterns provide relevant data, consumer marketing expertise, and fast dashboard reporting.


Insights from Data

Before smart technology, marketers used their instincts to make business decisions. Today, marketers are not too thrilled about the way data is accessed because it’s a challenge to obtain the data they need. Valuable insights are important for marketers, but it’s challenging to extract such data. Although there is tons of data available from a variety of sources, extracting essential facts to make knowledgeable business decisions is becoming more difficult. 

Data is only valuable when it’s actionable insight. Because there are tons of data available, a lot of valuable information is overlooked. To access valuable data and retain it, you have to understand what you want from your data. Marketers are developing different ways to collect behavioural data from different interactions and using these insights to enhance the customer experience. Valuable data can be challenging to find, especially if you’re not looking in the right places. You can eliminate this challenge from your strategy by balancing data with technology and insights.


Legacy Systems and Data

It’s no secret that creating an ideal customer experience is becoming increasingly difficult, and this is due to mass numbers of devices and channels. Another issue in this particular situation is organisational data. This type of data is fragmented at many different intervals, which is the perfect recipe for siloed data, which is many problems in itself. Siloed data is a marketer’s worst nightmare because it creates questionable data quality as well as disrupts your marketing efforts.

Customers expect a lot from the brands they’re associating with, and it can be hard for marketers to meet or exceed their customer’s needs. Customers need to feel special and appreciated. Marketers need to create a customised experience for their customers using customer interactions. Tailoring the customer’s experience makes their buying process effortless, which means customers have what they need to access your services and products.

As a business owner, you need a unified customer view. This type of customer view is the method or technique you decide to use to collect data about your clients and prospects. Combine both data sets into one record, and you have a unified customer view. A unified customer view enables you to look at the big picture to improve your customer’s experience and maximise your return.


The Brand and Customer Relationship

The brand and customer relationship is one that is necessary and powerful. Many of today’s customers are tech-savvy. They use multiple devices, channels, and networks, so as a business, you need to create different strategies to help you create meaningful relationships with your customers. The more meaningful relationships you create, the more chance you have at converting first-time customers into loyal customers.

The brand and customer relationship is important for building brand awareness and keeping your customers happy. Building a brand and customer relationship requires your customer’s trust, purpose, unique character, and a variety of other factors. If you want to build a strong relationship with your customers, focus on their emotions. Customers focus on the brand as well as the product. Your customers want to feel special, and you want your business to be special to your customers. It would be best if you strategised multiple ways you can leave a positive impression in your customer’s life to gain your desired status.

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