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How to Implement Data Science in Your 2020 Marketing Plan


Implementing data science is no Houdini act, but you do need to know a few tricks of the trade. Your 2020 marketing plan is the foundation for the year’s success. You need to make sure you’re properly implementing data science in your marketing efforts. Here’s the information you need to help you implement data science in your 2020 marketing plan and have a successful year.


What’s the Big Deal about Big Data?

Big data provides specific information about your customers. The information you receive gives you insight regarding your customer’s needs and wants and their likes and dislikes. Big data helps you create an effective marketing plan that allows you to stay ahead of the competition using new technology and information.


Implementing Data Science for a Successful Marketing Plan


  • Using Cookies and Tracking – Improving your marketing plan requires you to have a little knowledge about cookies and tracking. When you think of cookies, you may think of sweet treats that are great for snacking, but the cookies you need to know about are internet cookies. Internet cookies? Yes. Internet cookies are text files that have a unique ID tag. This ID tag is put o your computer by a website. Cookies contain different information, including site visitation. Some internet cookies record personal information from the site visitor, such as their name, email address, age, and other information. Thanks to internet cookies, no visitor goes unnoticed, which means you can perfect your marketing efforts. Cookies and tracking also enable you to personalize different promotions for individual customers.

  • Developing an Effective Price Strategy – You may use a variety of factors to price your products or services, such as to price your products or services, such as competitor pricing, and supply and demand. When business is not going as well as you had hoped, you may consider offering a variety of discounts to help your business achieve different goals, but creating an appropriate and effective price strategy can help maintain a substantial flow of income without having to offer frequent discounts to meet or exceed business quotas.


Learning about the Implementations of Data Science in Marketing

Implementing data science in marketing is a win-win situation for your business because there are multiple ways you can incorporate a variety of strategies. Different techniques you can use to improve your marketing efforts include:


  • Lead targeting
  • Advanced lead scoring
  • Content strategy creation
  • Social media marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Digital marketing platforms
  • Product development
  • Sentiment analysis


Lead targeting

You can use data science to target different leads and learn about a customer’s online behaviour. Historical data can also be used to discover the brands your company associated with in the last year. 365 days is enough time to turn over a new leaf for your business. Even if you’re on target with your marketing efforts, there are always different ways you can improve, so don’t get comfortable with barely maintaining or achieving your goals.


Advanced lead scoring

By now, you know that all leads do not convert to paying customers, and that’s okay. The key to business success is not to have all the customers, but to have the right customers. For advanced lead scoring, you need to focus on segmenting your customers according to their interests. Properly segmenting your customers allows you to increase department performance and revenue. You can create a lead scoring system to obtain leads that are predictable and help you categorize different customer types, including customers who are: eager, curious, or not interested.


Content strategy creation

There is a chance visitors will stumble upon your site, but it won’t be a habit, so you need high-quality, relevant content to attract customers. Data science helps with content creation by generating useful audience data, such as specific keywords and key phrases that are used the most. These key phrases and keywords can be used more in your content to engage your customers further.


Social media marketing

A lot of customers are active on social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can put your social media marketing efforts to good use by using data science to get information regarding where and what customers are searching for and the content they clicked. These insights, as well as others, can help you create a successful social media engagement plan.


Email campaigns

You need to know what your customers want, and the best way to figure this out is to use data science. You can use data science to help you determine which emails appeal to your customers and which ones do not. You will know when to send emails and how often your emails are read. Using data science with email marketing provides you with insights that allow you to target customers using the right campaigns and offers.


Digital marketing platforms

Digital marketing campaigns live and breathe data. To get a better insight into your customers, you need to provide digital marketing platforms with refined data. Using data science with digital marketing platforms gives you the information you need to help you improve your marketing efforts and achieve your marketing goals.


Product development

When you use data science for product development, you can gain insight into your product using a variety of demographics. You can use the information you gather to create effective marketing campaigns that are highly targeted for your intended demographic.


Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis allows you to gain clarity about your customers. Using data science to perform sentiment analysis, helps you become familiar with your customer’s beliefs, attitudes, and opinions.


Here at BizRamp, we’re prepared to take your business to the next level. We’ll help you implement data science into your 2020 marketing plan. We know how challenging transforming your business can be, which is why we offer a variety of services to help you get started and to help your business maintain success. Let us help you transform your business with data. Contact us to learn more about implementing data science in your 2020 marketing plan and bettering your business.

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